Top Methods to Earn Cryptocurrency

Yes, you can buy cryptocurrency from exchanges or individuals, but if you don’t want to spend money to gain crypto, there are several ways to earn it. Although there are some methods that require you to have seed cryptocurrency on hand to start, there are ways to earn crypto that only requires you to have a cryptocurrency wallet.

  1. Work for It

In the past, it would have been difficult to find jobs that pay cryptocurrency, but due to the prevalence of crypto online, there are now many different jobs that offer cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

The job does not have to be technical, although, many of the higher paying ones are those that involve tech such as being an engineer or a developer. There are many job opportunities, however, such as writers, translators and other professionals that now pay in cryptocurrency. It is important to note though that cryptocurrencies tend to be highly volatile, so try to weigh the pros and cons between being paid in crypto and fiat.

There are other ways to earn crypto from working—by working on microtasks or bounties. There are many people who make a viable income out of fulfilling bounties, but it is a good idea to supplement this method with some crypto.

  • Using Faucets

Another no-sweat method to earn Bitcoin and other types of cryptos is via Bitcoin faucets—these are websites or apps that drip satoshis in exchange for solving a captcha or other small tasks. It’s like doing a menial task for a drop of cryptocurrency.

  • Sell Services or Goods

Adding cryptocurrency as a payment method for your goods or services business is another method. Just like when you work to earn crypto, you have full control over how, when and how much you earn. You can charge crypto for services such as website design, or as payment for secondhand goods. E-commerce websites such as Shopify now allow cryptocurrency as a payment method.

  • Trade Crypto for Profit

If you have cryptos on hand, you can trade it with other people to earn some more. This is a legit way of earning cryptos, but would require you to really know more about cryptocurrencies and analyze trading patterns. Just like trading any forex pair, crypto trading may be a tough shell to crack for some people, but the rewards can be fulfilling. The essence is to buy when it is low and sell when it is high.

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